Participant & Client Testimonials

“After the program, we not only saw individuals with improved skills, but also increased team effectiveness. The Influence skills program opened the minds of individuals to behaviors of others around them, and consequently how to be effective in a group.”

“I think all people who have management responsibilities should take the Positive Power and Influence® course. As a person who has managed up to 250 people at once, I not only think the training is outstanding, but the opportunity to be evaluated by others and to see how you are perceived is extremely beneficial. Often time’s managers do not know how their comments and actions affect their teams.”

“Disarmed an angry manager by bridging with him in a meeting.”

“The role plays and facilitation sessions really helped me retain and utilize what I learned.”

“The program has been helpful when working with sales reps, specifically teaching them how to bridge better with doctors.”

“Negotiated with my boss for additional time and resources to complete a project.”

“Used bridging technique to gather a large amount of information from a person who normally does not share information or knowledge.”

“I used bridging and persuading to get a group of vice presidents and peers to delay a product’s introduction in order to do it right the first time.”

“My current job is to Influence and persuade employees on the health and safety aspects of their job.  I’m using the different techniques learned in the course.  I have accomplished in two months what the previous engineer could not in five years.”

Participant & Client Testimonials

“We were able to put together three separate agreements with a combined value of 9 to 10 million. Negotiations resulted in savings of 20 percent (+/-) off quoted (not list) pricing. Savings estimated $1.5 million.”

“Purchasing was able to negotiate a sale and trade for 25,230 feet of surplus casing and recovered our book value in the amount of $835,000.  In the trade portion of the negotiations, we were able to use some of the Houston region’s 4Q90 casing requirements as incentive for a vendor to trade for the remaining 103⁄4" surplus casing.”

“Just completed signing a contract for pacemakers for the next twelve months - anticipated savings will be in the $300K range.”

“Negotiated a 50% discount on software and ongoing maintenance contracts for a corporate-wide risk management system. Estimated savings: $240,000. Obtained additional vendor services at no charge, such as modifications, additional software modules, and support for installation.”

“Met with a joint interest owner in a producing property we operate to attempt to resolve $27,000 in disputed charges. As a result of the meeting, the joint interest owner agreed to pay the entire amount.”

“Successfully negotiated a performance program with one of our major customers that delivered an additional $65K to the bottom line.  This was the test case identified at the course.”

“In most recent negotiations with an external contract, we saved roughly $20,000 on a $50,000 contract. In addition, their ‘wants’ were met.”

“Saved a $400,000 contract account while maintaining average list price.  Gave up some ancillary computer programs that meant a lot to this account but very easy to justify on our end.”